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Customer Relations Management

Principles of Business Law


Database Applications in Business

Information Systems Management

Web Application Development

Fundamentals in Systems Analysis and Design

Introduction to Business Environment

Statistics Concepts and Applications

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Principles of Programming

Principles of Accounting II

Business Computer Applications

Principles of Accounting I

Basic Principles of Management

Mobile Applications Development

Connecting Computer Networks

Introduction to Project Management

Design and Implementation of Database-Driven websites

Object Oriented Programming

Developing Database Applications

Scaling Computer Networks

Systems Analysis and Design

Introduction to Information Systems Security

Event-Driven Programming

Routing and Switching Essentials

Entrepreneurship &  Innovations

Introduction to Computer Programming

Introduction to Computer Networks

The course introduces students to study the nature and characteristics of algebraic structures, analytic systems, statistics, and geometry, solve problems from a variety of disciplines, including the natural and social sciences and to extend their written and oral communication skills to include mathematical communication

Basic Concept of Entrepreneurship

The course introduces students to popular desktop publishing software which create, page layout that allows merge text and graphics on a printed page or the computer screen. It is used to create documents with a complex layout of text and graphics, such as brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, fliers, reports webpage etc. This module covers the interface, tools and palettes, working with selections and text, editing, resizing images and managing documents and other effects.

Basic Computing Mathematics is the course for students pursuing Certificate in Computing and Information technology. It covers basics on number systems, elementary algebra, matrix algebra, Set and Logic and Basic Fundamental Principles of Counting

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